Marukome Miso & Easy "Mild Chili"

Net WT. 13.8 LB (390g) Make 24 Servings

  Miso Broth Concentrate, ALL Natural - NO MSG added  Great for Vegetarians . 

Miso & Easy mild chili combinded th ekick of chili with the Umami from mushrooms.  Great for vegetarian!  Just add your choice of vegetables to make a spice-up version of healthy miso soup, or cretae a suace or marinade or seasoning or adding Miso & Easy mild chili to your recipes.  Miso & Easy  Mild Chili will liven up the flavor of your everyday meal for pleasurable experiences.


Marukome Miso & Easy "Mild Chili"
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  • Manufacturer: Marukome
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