Sushi Starter Kit

Lanna’s Sushi Starter Kit Included::

.1 bag 2lbs premium sushi rice                                                    .1 wooden mixing spoon

.1 pack 75g Tamanoi Sushinoko (seasoned vinegar powder)        .1 Bamboo sushi mat

.1 Yaki Nori roasted seaweed 8 sheets                                        .1 prepared wasabi tube 1.52oz

.1 Sushi soy sauce 7.05oz                                                           .1 Pickle sushi ginger 141g

.1 Kewpie mayonnaise 17.64oz                                                   .1 Sriracha hot chili sauce 9oz

.1 Roasted white sesame seed                                                     .1 Pack of 5 pairs chopstick

.1 Pair of twin sauce dishes        

Sushi Starter Kit
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  • Item #: SSJ0001
  • Manufacturer: Lanna Creations
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