Why Lanna? here is the story of Lanna:

The 13th century Kingdom of Lanna in what is now northern Thailand Chiang Mai Province, (the city where I was born) has been known for centuries as region of immense cultural wealth.  Separated from much of Thailand by breathtaking mountains and rustic farmland, the region has retained its own distinctive culture, cuisine, and even language throughout many changes in rule. Translated literally as "The Kingdom of a Million Rice Fields" this area produces a broad variety of agricultural goods leading to its reputation for exotic and romantic flavors.

We are a retail store located in the city of Nashua, New Hampshire.  The store established in 2004 with 1600 square foot unit.  Over the years it has grown and become a sole proprietor in 2007, and finally we got relocated to a larger location in 2010.

As consumers of the products we carry in the store, we stand by the quality and taste of our products.  We are known for a very clean place, and well organized reputation.  We are not just an Asian Market, we provide customers with knowledge and educate our customer how to utilize the ingredients.  We are constantly working on improving and implementing new product lines on a regular basis.  Did you know?  We are an award winner of "Hippo the best of 2012", ethic food market for city of Nashua.

Please, come visit us often, we are constantly adding to our merchandise selections including recipes and tips.

Joy Chaisiriwong