Caravelle Lemon Grass Sauce

Net WT. 12 OZ (340g) With Lemon grass sauce, you can createcuthentic and flavorful dishes with one simple sauce.  Just marinade chicken, beef or pork with lemon Grass Sauce before grilling or frying.  Lemon Grass Sauce is also ideal as a dipping sauce for finger foods, grilling meats, fried foods, or even sprinkled onto salads as dressing.

Ingredients: Soybean sauce, lemon grass, garlic galangal, shallot, chiliSugar, mango, water, concentrate pinapple juice, pineapple, modified corn strach, chili, salt, thickener, srtificial , soybean oil, salt, coriander, plum, flavor enhancer, modified tapioca starch, xanthan gum. 

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Caravelle Lemon Grass Sauce
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