Pretz Salad Biscuit Sticks

Net Wt. 2.71OZ (77g) 4Packs

Ingredients: Wheat flour, partually hydrogenated palm oil, margarine, soy lecithin, mono and diglycerides, artificial flavor, sugar, salt, yeast, isomerized, sugar, malt extract, conommie seaesoning, soy sauce seasoning sodium phosphate, artificial flavor,flavor enhancer.  Contains: Milk wheat and soybean.  Manufactured in a facility that uses EGGs, COCONUT, PEANUTS, SHRIMP, BONITO, TUNA, SADINE, SALMON, EEL, COD OVUM, SQUID, and OCTOPUT.

contains: Wheat, Tree nuts, Soybean, and Milk.

Pretz Salad Biscuit Sticks
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  • Manufacturer: Glico
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